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Soap Boyfriends Finally Do It

After months of teasing and steamy kisses, As The World Turns boyfriends Luke and Noah finally had sex yesterday in a breakthrough episode for daytime television. Without any warning or hysterics, the show took that unexpected turn and went where no daytime drama—and few primetime shows—has dared: Luke and Noah were shown post-coital, sheets ruffled. And you know the best …

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Explicit Open-Mouth Homosexual Kissing!!!

The American Family Association is “repulsed” by what it calls “explicit open-mouth homosexual kissing” on As The World Turns, where the gay teen couple finally had their long-overdue kiss on Wednesday.Wheee! And here’s the kiss. It’s a sweet kiss, but not exactly the tonsil-probing that the AFA claims. Not that we’d expect those dried-up twats to know a proper snog …

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