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White House Had Lindsey Graham Block Resolution On Armenia Genocide To Placate Visiting Turkish President

The Daily Beast reports: Senior White House staff asked Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to block the resolution that would officially recognize the Armenian genocide passed by the House in October because it was likely to infuriate Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Graham confirmed to Axios that after he was asked to block the measure, he said, “Sure.” “The only reason …

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Ten Reasons Why Conchita Should Win

From the International Business Times: 1. It will upset the Russians. Vitaly Milonov, the politician who was behind Russia’s strict anti-gay propaganda law, has been reported as saying that “pervert” Wurst would “insult millions of Russians” by taking part in the “Europe-wide gay parade”. Russia is expected to suffer in the voting because of its stance on homosexuality and the …

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ARMENIA: Bar Bombed Over Owner’s Participation In A Gay Pride Parade

Last week a gay-friendly bar in Armenia was fire-bombed, reportedly because the owner is an LGBT rights activist who once marched in a gay pride parade. The suspects have been bailed out by members of parliament. A homemade bomb this month targeted a bar, called “DIY,” which is seen as a haven for “free thinkers” and welcomes the often-shunned gay …

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