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Ten Reasons Why Conchita Should Win

From the International Business Times: 1. It will upset the Russians. Vitaly Milonov, the politician who was behind Russia’s strict anti-gay propaganda law, has been reported as saying that “pervert” Wurst would “insult millions of Russians” by taking part in the “Europe-wide gay parade”. Russia is expected to suffer in the voting because of its stance on homosexuality and the …

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ARMENIA: Bar Bombed Over Owner’s Participation In A Gay Pride Parade

Last week a gay-friendly bar in Armenia was fire-bombed, reportedly because the owner is an LGBT rights activist who once marched in a gay pride parade. The suspects have been bailed out by members of parliament. A homemade bomb this month targeted a bar, called “DIY,” which is seen as a haven for “free thinkers” and welcomes the often-shunned gay …

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