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Pentagon Jokes About Bombing Millennials At Area 51

The military blog Task & Purpose reports: On Friday DVIDSHUB tweeted a picture of a B-2 bomber on the flight line with a formation of airmen in front of it along with the caption: “The last thing #Millenials will see if they attempt the #area51raid today.” If death is easy and comedy is hard, jokes about wiping out millennials with …

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Bud Light Offers Free Beer To Aliens That “Make It Out Of Area 51” After Facebook Group Vows To Storm Base

The Hill reports: Bud Light is offering to give free beer to any aliens that make it out of Area 51 in Nevada, as an satirical online campaign to “storm” the site has attracted the attention of millions. The beer maker made the announcement in a series of tweets about the military base, which conspiracy theorists have long believed to …

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Obama Nationality Myth Continues To Fester Across Wingnutosphere

Three months after the election and the wingnuts still are still devoting jillions of pixels to the “Obama is not a U.S. citizen” bunk. At the moment, no less than seven stories on WingNutDaily’s front page are about lawsuits, recall petitions, “proof” of forged birth certificates, etc etc. Yesterday one of the chief architects of this ninnery, Peter Berg, went …

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