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Trillion-Ton Iceberg Breaks Off Of Antarctica

ABC News reports: One of the biggest icebergs ever recorded, a trillion-ton behemoth more than seven times the size of New York City, has broken off of Antarctica, triggering disagreement among scientists over whether global warming is to blame. The event, captured by satellite, happened sometime in the past few days when the giant chunk snapped off an ice shelf. …

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LIVE VIDEO: Virginia House Hears “Bathroom Bill”

The Virginia House Of Delegates is about hear the “bathroom bill” proposed by lunatic Del. Bob “Sideshow” Marshall, who has denounced as “fake news” reports that a similar bill has cost North Carolina’s economy hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs. (Video below.) There are three separate anti-LGBT bills on today’s agenda. Watch live here.

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This Is Probably Our Fault


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