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VIRAL VIDEO: Gay Missouri GOP Rep Corners “Don’t Say Gay” Author On Teaching About Heterosexuality

The Huffington Post reports: Rep. Phil Christofanelli, a gay Republican, challenged Rep. Ann Kelley on the House floor last week over the logic of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill she sponsored, wondering if it would also prohibit teaching about heterosexuality, which is a sexual orientation. “You mentioned George Washington. Who is Martha Washington?” Christofanelli asked. “His wife,” Kelley answered. “Under …

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MO “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Would Apply To Grades K-12

NBC News reports: Missouri lawmakers argued over a bill that would ban most LGBTQ education subjects for all grades in the state’s public schools. The Missouri bill debated in a state House committee hearing would ban K-12 public school staff from teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation. “Exposure to such topics is inappropriate for children, creating confusion which may …

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