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Liberty Counsel President Can’t Name A Single Instance Of Crimes Resulting From Pro-LGBT Laws [VIDEO]

Props to Alan Colmes! Brian Tashman reports at Right Wing Watch: Last month, Liberty Counsel President Anita Staver said that she plans on “taking a Glock .45 to the ladies room” after Target announced a new policy prohibiting discrimination against transgender customers. Liberty Counsel is a notorious anti-LGBT group that has taken credit for shaping discriminatory laws such as North …

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Liberty Counsel President Anita Staver: I’m Taking My Glock .45 To Target To Protect Against Trans People

Liberty Counsel president Anita Staver declared Friday that she will be taking her Glock .45 handgun to Target as protection against assaults by transgender patrons. Staver tends to take the media backseat to her husband, Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver, but she was in the news last fall for claiming that the Vatican had gotten death threats over the “private …

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Liberty Counsel’s Anita Staver: The Vatican Disavowed Kim Davis Due To Death Threats From Radicals

We don’t usually hear much about Liberty Counsel co-founder Anita Staver, wife of Mat Staver, but we’re guessing this tweet will get her a bit of attention. Anita Staver’s Twitter profile photo, it must be pointed out, shows her peering through the scope of a rifle pointed at the camera. (We assume it’s Mrs. Staver on the end of that …

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