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SCOTUS Rejects Citizenship For American Samoans

NBC News reports: The Supreme Court on Monday declined to consider whether American Samoans have full U.S. citizenship at birth, a dispute that would have given the justices the opportunity to repudiate past rulings suffused with racist language that helped determine that those in U.S. territories would not have the same rights as other Americans. U.S. nationals can live and …

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Samoa Airline: Pay What You Weigh

A small regional airline that serves American Samoa has launched a new pricing model that charges passengers by their body weight. Depending on the flight, each kilogram (2.2 pounds) costs 93 cents to $1.06. That means the average American man weighing 195 pounds with a 35 pound bag would pay $97 to go one-way between Apia, Samoa, and Pago Pago, …

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