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Florida Bill Could Ban Black Fraternities And Sororities

Miami’s NBC affiliate reports: The controversial HB 999 bill aims to restrict the programs and activities that Florida universities and colleges can promote or support. It calls into question student organizations, groups or activities centered on diversity, equity and inclusion. Line 341 of the bill aims to prohibit universities or colleges from using any funds to promote, support, maintain, any …

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FL Bill Requires Colleges To Promote “Western” Values

NBC News reports: House Bill 999, introduced this week by Rep. Alex Andrade, a Republican representing Pensacola, would allow the state Board of Governors to give direction to universities on removing majors and minors in such subjects as critical race theory and gender studies and bar spending on programs or activities that support such curricula. The Board of Governors oversees …

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FL Bill Would Erase Press Shield For Sources, Classify Claims Of Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination As Defamatory

The Orlando Sentinel reports: State lawmakers are moving forward with a Gov. Ron DeSantis-inspired push to make it easier for prominent people to sue media outlets for defamation, setting the stage for a potential First Amendment clash in the courts. The Legislature is set to take up the measure that challenges longstanding protections for the press established by the U.S …

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