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Albuquerque Refers Trump Debt To Collection Agency

Albuquerque’s NBC News affiliate reports: The City of Albuquerque referred the Trump campaign to a collection agency. The city is seeking approximately $200,000 following the president’s rally in Rio Rancho in 2019. Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller said the bill covers security costs that stem from the former president staying in a downtown Albuquerque hotel overnight. The security cost include blocking …

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Far-Right Militia Shoots Man At Albuquerque Protest

The Washington Post reports: Protesters in Albuquerque wrapped a chain around the neck of a bronze statue and began tugging, chanting “Tear it down,” shortly before sunset on Monday. Their efforts to pull down a monument of Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate suddenly stopped as four shots rang out. Most people instinctively turned toward the noise, videos from the scene …

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