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Ex-GOP Senator: “Animal Trump Poisoned Democracy”

The Hill reports: Retired GOP Sen. Alan Simpson (Wyo.) called former President Trump a “vicious animal who has poisoned our democracy” in comments included in a new book. In “Thank You for Your Servitude: Donald Trump’s Washington and the Price of Submission,” journalist Mark Lelbovich interviewed Simpson, 90, who criticized the current Republican party and called it a “cult.” “This …

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Former GOP Sen. Alan Simpson Pens NYT Op-Ed Urging Trump Against Anti-LGBT “Religious Liberty” Order

The New York Times today published an op-ed by former GOP Sen. Alan Simpson which urges Trump to ignore the demands of anti-LGBT groups that he issue a “religious liberty” executive order which would legalize anti-LGBT discrimination nationwide. It begins: During Donald Trump’s campaign, he repeatedly cast himself as a supporter of L.G.B.T. rights. As president, however, he is being …

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