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BAY AREA: Christianists Force End To School District’s Anti-Bullying Program

As you can see by the above headline from World Net Daily, Christianists are celebrating their successful campaign to force the Alameda Unified School District to drop their planned anti-bullying campaign. WND exults: A lawsuit that demanded a right for parents to opt their young children out of a “gay” indoctrination program in a California school district was dropped after …

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Parents Sue To End Anti-Bullying Course

Two parents are suing the Alameda County school district in California because they don’t want kids to be taught that it’s wrong to beat up gay kids. Kerry Cook and Serena Dietrich filed a suit Feb. 18 in Alameda County Superior Court that seeks to nullify the school board’s Dec. 8 vote to readopt Lesson 9 for Alameda’s elementary schools …

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CA: Alameda County Pulls Anti-Bullying Program Under Threats From Christianists

Score one for the Christianists that endorse the beating and taunting of LGBT students. The school board blinked. Under the duress of a lawsuit and threats of recall, the Alameda Board of Education has voted to phase out an elementary school curriculum it adopted in May to prevent anti-gay bullying. The so-called Lesson 9, which had become an opposition centerpiece …

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