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Southern Baptists Condemn Lego’s New Pride Month Toy Set For “Commercializing Moral Rebellion” Against Jesus

Southern Baptist leader Albert Mohler has written a 2500-word diatribe against Lego’s new Pride Month toy set. An excerpt: Is it true that a child playing with this new “Everyone is awesome” Lego set is going to feel affirmed? If that child, for instance, is nonconventional in sexual orientation, as someone represented even in an ambiguous way by this set …

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Southern Baptists Condemn Evangelical Adoption Agency For Agreeing To Begin Serving LGBT Couples

Southern Baptists are very upset about yesterday’s move by a major evangelical adoption group to begin serving LGBT couples. Southern Baptist president Al Mohler: The moral revolutionaries are now demanding that every single individual in this society every single institution, every single school, every single religious denomination, every single adoption, and foster care agency, must pivot. In this case, that …

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