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Fox Host: The Deep State Knows Where You Shop

“Kevin O’Leary said the same thing, remember, the guy from Shark Tank he said he doesn’t want to invest in New York anymore. Because people are wondering if you get in trouble – if you’re a conservative, if you’re a Republican, if you like Donald Trump – they’re already going through our bank accounts to see who has shopped at …

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Fox Hosts Exult Over High Winds Toppling WH Xmas Tree (In 2021 Fox’s Corporate Tree Went Up In Flames)

Mediaite reports: Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade channeled his inner Howard Cosell while doing a bit about the recent falling of the White House Christmas Tree due to high winds. After a decent wind-up that explained the details of the story, Kilmeade delivered a solid payoff with “Down goes the Fraser fir!” which was a clear reference to Cosell’s …

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Fox Host Hails Trump’s “Powerful” Propaganda Video

“I was watching that press briefing yesterday, I’m sure you guys saw it. The president comes out. I mean, this is like something I’ve never seen before. He played a video in the middle of the press conference with a timeline, because the media’s criticizing him for all of his faults. “And he said, look, you’re the ones that downplayed …

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