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IOWA: Liberal Group Launches “Quit Stalling On SCOTUS” Ads Against Sen. Chuck Grassley [VIDEO]

From the Agenda Project: Today, the Agenda Project Action Fund released a new ad calling on Senator Chuck Grassley to “Quit Stalling” and hold a hearing on President Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court. “Republicans like Senator Grassley have again and again demonstrated just how highly they view the American public,” said Agenda Project Action Fund President Erik Altieri, “Stop …

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Progressive Group Warns Of 2000-Style “Chaos” If GOP Does Not Allow SCOTUS Nomination [VIDEO]

From the Agenda Project: Yesterday, Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee announced that not only would they not approve any individual that President Obama nominates to the Supreme Court, they would refuse to hold even cursory hearings. In response, the Agenda Project Action Fund released a provocative new ad targeting GOP obstructionism in the Supreme Court fight. “Constitution or …

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New Ad Compares Trump To Hitler [VIDEO]

Via press release: Today, the Agenda Project Action Fund has released the first installment of their new multi-ad, yearlong campaign against the fascist and racist rhetoric being utilized by the Republican Party, particularly that coming from the party’s front-runner Donald Trump. In wake of the Republican presidential candidate’s call to ban Muslims from entering the United States, the Agenda Project …

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