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Extremist “Activist Mommy” Bullies Florida Library Into Canceling Its “Perverted” Storybook Pride Prom Event

The Florida Times-Union reports: Beatrice Palmer cleared her schedule for Friday evening. Among a typical busy week of drag gigs, she planned to make an appearance at a prom night before her next show. The local drag entertainer and producer wanted to be there for the 100 teenagers who signed up to attend the Storybook Pride Prom at Riverside’s Willowbranch …

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Christian Anti-LGBT Activist: Gays Are Sneaking Into Schools To Teach Children How To “Engage In Anal Sex”

Raging anti-LGBT activist Elizabeth Johnston, the self-proclaimed “Activist Mommy” mother of ten, first appeared on JMG last year when she burned a copy of Teen Vogue because the magazine had published a safe-sex guide. Yesterday Johnston appeared on Tony Perkins’ radio show to promote her coming “Sex Ed Sit-Out.” Here’s an excerpt of her rant, via the Family Research Council: …

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