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North American English Dialect Map

Click over to the actual site because this massive map is so detailed that the above screen-grab is pretty useless. Hundreds of interactive links on the map will take you to celebrity pronunciation examples found on YouTube. I’ve always found the Brooklyn-New Orleans accent connection interesting. Goodbye, morning. (Tipped by JMG reader Sean)

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The English Dialects Map Of North America

Gothamist calls the above “the world’s most confusing map.” (Massive version here.) According to the authors, sub-dialects of the eight major regional dialects exist in many places like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, the Outer Banks, and perhaps most curiously, the Hamptons.

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The Slow Demise Of The NYC Accent

Linguists have long noted the slow demise of regional American accents, a phenomenon partially blamed on the “television accent” and partially blamed on the perception that such accents denote a working class origin, leading some to accent reduction training. The NYC accent in particular is thought by many to be especially crude, wrought as is with a uniquely colorful vernacular. …

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