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COMPILATION: Gay News In The 1980s

JMG reader Dave Evans has compiled an hour of gay-related news reports that aired in the 1980s. Among the topics: hate crimes, housing rights, HIV/AIDS, immigration rights, pride parades, Barney Frank, Ronald Reagan, the 20th anniversary of Stonewall, the NAMES Project,  and rather interestingly, Houston’s 1985 battle for LGBT rights. PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Compilations of gay news in the 1970s …

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Tenth Annual Weblog Awards

Voting ends tomorrow in the Tenth Annual Weblog Awards, where this here website thingy writer is somehow nominated for a “Lifetime Achievement Award.” I feel like Betty White! In a good way! You have to scroll horizontally all the damn ass hell to the far right to see my ballot. I love the far right! Anyway, this (I think) concludes …

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Thing II

Here’s the link to that 2010 Bloggies Awards thingy again. I have no idea how I’m doing and Post Secret is probably kicking my ass and the ballot design is full of the bite and you gotta scroll all way to the right to find me. But you should at least check out some of the groovy sites nominated in …

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