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Ann Coulter: Good God, Bill O’Reilly Is Stupid

In today’s delicious chapter of the continuing teabagger civil war, Ann Coulter is calling Fox News host Bill O’Reilly “stupid” for telling Donald Trump that the 14th Amendment cannot be overturned by the courts. Trump’s statement on the 14th Amendment and “anchor babies” has rippled across the 2016 GOP presidential field. Via Business Insider: Almost immediately after Trump released his …

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AUDIO: Court Hears Recognition Question

The oral arguments for the second question considered today have been posted. Listen as the justices weigh whether states must recognize same-sex marriages from other states.

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Oklahoma Attorney General: The 14th Amendment Doesn’t Apply To Gay People

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt says the 14th amendment doesn’t apply to gay people. Pruitt expressed the hope that the case will eventually be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court because of one question. “Is there really a Constitutional right? Is there cases that support that individuals sexual orientation should be the heart of equal protection under the 14th Amendment? …

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