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NEW HAMPSHIRE: Pro-Marriage Incumbent Gov. John Lynch Wins

NOM spent a LOT of money funding Lynch’s opponent and to support GOP candidates in the New Hampshire legislature. But without a GOP governor, NOM’s chances of overturning gay marriage in New Hampshire have been lessened significantly. UPDATE: NOM’s Brian Brown is tweeting that they have won a “veto-proof majority” of anti-gay state seats. More on this tomorrow.

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FLORIDA: Anti-Gay Teabagger Marco Rubio Defeats Charlie Crist For Senate

Oh, what a world in which Charlie Crist was actually the better choice. Rubio, of course, is in the pocket of the Florida Family Policy Council, who were one of the main groups behind Amendment 2, which instituted a statewide constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Rubio’s decisive win has thrilled the repulsive quislings at GOProud, who’ve never met a disgustingly …

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