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She’s A Witch, Burn Her!

Can Christine O’Donnell’s past GET any more bizarre? UPDATE: O’Donnell has canceled her appearance on tomorrow’s Face The Nation after the witchcraft clip surfaced. She’s even bailed on Fox News Sunday, despite Sarah Palin’s advice to only speak through Fox News.

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Dude, Those Were Totally Tornadoes

The National Weather Service has decided that NYC actually got hit by two confirmed tornadoes on Thursday evening. The city is applying to FEMA for disaster relief for parts of Queens and Brooklyn. About 15,000 residents are still without power more than a day later.

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Andrew Sullivan On Christine O’Donnell

“A mischievous thought: when will someone ask O’Donnell, as a single woman, if, since her conversion to Catholicism, she has ever masturbated? She cannot have had any sex, right? And that includes sex alone. Since she has made this a public stance, and since, apparently, she cannot lie (even if it would mean handing over Jews to Nazis), she has …

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