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Hooker Patron Sen. David “Diaper Boy” Vitter Poised To Easily Retain Seat

The voters of Louisiana are clearly unconcerned with the admitted hooker patronage of “sanctity of marriage” defender, conservative Christian, and serial adulterer Sen. David “Diaper Boy” Vitter. As one of the Senate’s chief sponsors of the (failed) Federal Marriage Amendment, Vitter called the banning of same-sex marriage “the most important issue” before Congress. He also said that gay marriage would …

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HomoQuotable – Frank Kameny

“While, Castro had no notion, of course, of what he was doing in this context at that time, in my view and in my interpretation of the dynamics of the 1960s Gay Movement, he triggered Stonewall and all that has followed.News of Castro’s incarceration of gays in detention camps in Cuba came out early in 1965 — probably in March …

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Grade Inflation

NYC’s restaurants are now required to post their letter grade in sanitation from the Health Department. The Wall Street Journal notes the creative manner in which one midtown joint complied. What if they’d gotten a “C”?

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