TV Talk With Joe And Johnny

Joe: So I think I hurt my brain. Johnny: Huh? Joe: I walked through the living room last night and Amazing Surreal Next Runway Idol was on. Or something. Johnny: Hey! I watch those. Joe: My exposure was 15 seconds, tops. Today I can’t name a single state capital. Coincidence? Johnny: what am state? Joe: See. Johnny: me am likey …

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Rhythm Is A Prancer

Last week CNN.com published the results of its readers poll which asked the question, “What is the worst pop song of all time?” This poll occurs from time to time in various publications and I found CNN’s results unsurprising, other than the appearance of the gay camp classic, Charlene’s I’ve Never Been To Me, which came in at #4. But …

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Jose’, Can You Si?

In 2000, I happen to be in Sacramento, the state capital, on the day of California’s sesquicentennial celebration. Amidst all the pomp and circumstance of paying tribute to the state’s 150th birthday, there was a sizable counter-demonstration, staged by immigration reform activists. Passing by that rally, I saw a demonstrator’s sign whose message has lingered on my mind to this …

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