Babes – Life Come Into Me [MUSIC VIDEO]

Immensely strange, in a good way. Stereogum recaps: Last time we wrote about L.A.-based Babes, they were really turned on. Apparently, the five-piece is still revved up because their new video, directed by Sarah Hamblin, features a handful of men (possibly the band members) dancing suggestively in slow-motion, wearing speedos and assless chaps. The men appear to be auditioning for …

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VIRAL VIDEO: When Uber Meets Tinder

What this is about: In good news for all time-conscious technophiles, dating app Tinder and taxi app Uber have combined to create ‘UnDer’, “the ultimate auto-erotic experience”. The only problem is the super-app only exists in a parody video. In the three-minute fake commercial “Uber meets Tinder”, a female passenger waits by the side of a road as a prospective …

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