Trump Vows To Stiff “Shitty” Vegas Rally Contractors

“Tell them to make the microphone louder! It’s terrible! Are the teleprompters not working? Not even a little bit. Great job! And then I don’t pay the company that does it, right? And then I end up with a story, ‘Trump doesn’t pay.’

“I don’t pay contractors that do a shitty job. And that’s a shitty job! That’s a shitty job! You can’t read a word. But you know what? It usually ends up that the speech is better, it’s crazy. Then they’ll say, ‘Oh, isn’t it terrible? Trump takes advantage of his contractors.’

“No. I take great — when I have a good contractor, a subcontractor, nobody gets paid faster. But when I have contractors that do this kind of work? You can have them.” – Trump, at yesterday’s Las Vegas rally.