New Felony Charges Against Michigan Kraken Lawyer

The Guardian reports:

Dana Nessel, Michigan’s attorney general, announced felony charges Tuesday against Stefanie Lambert, an election-denying attorney, and Stephanie Scott, a former small-town election clerk, over an alleged 2020 voter data breach.

Nessel’s office alleges Lambert and Scott allowed an “unauthorized computer examiner” to access private voter data from the 2020 general US election and that Scott illegally withheld voting equipment amid an order from the Michigan secretary of state to submit it for regular maintenance. According to a statement from Nessel’s office, Lambert transmitted voter data at Scott’s direction.

Lambert faces separate felony charges in Oakland county, Michigan for her role in allegedly tampering with election equipment. In March, Lambert was arrested for failing to comply with court orders in that case, including refusing to submit fingerprints.

Law & Crime reports:

Stefanie Lambert, aka Stefanie Lynn Junttila, had most recently argued against being disqualified from the Dominion lawsuit by asserting that she is the “most competent in the country” and the “most qualified and knowledgeable about election fraud/election law.”

Now she and her client, former Adams Township Clerk Stephanie Scott, are accused co-conspirators in election-related crimes.

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office revealed Wednesday that the state alleges Scott, 52, and her lawyer, 42, allowed an “unauthorized computer examiner access to voter data, including non-public voter information, concerning the 2020 General Election.”