Navarro Begs For Early Release In Emergency Motion

Law & Crime reports:

Peter Navarro, Steve Bannon’s self-professed co-orchestrator of the bogus voter fraud strategy known as the “Green Bay Sweep,” has asked a federal judge to release him from prison and let him serve out the remainder of his contempt of Congress sentence on supervised release for 30 days.

According to an emergency motion for resentencing filed late Thursday, Navarro has asked the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to step in and modify his sentence to include a term of just 30 days supervised release no later than June 19.

“Dr. Navarro’s term of imprisonment has been marred by the same political turmoil that gave rise to his prosecution,” his defense attorney argued, claiming that while in prison, he has been “denied opportunity to speak both with the press as well as with a member of Congress.”

Read the full article. Yesterday House Republicans ordered the director of federal prisons to testify as to why Matt Gaetz was denied permission to interview Navarro in prison.