MO Sec Of State Candidate Says “Don’t Be Weak And Gay” As She Jogs In St. Louis’s LGBTQ Neighborhood

The New York Post reports:

Missouri Republican secretary of state candidate Valentina Gomez shared a provocative campaign video of herself running through a historically LGBTQ+ neighborhood. “In America, you can be anything you want, so don’t be weak and gay,” Gomez says while jogging in a bulletproof vest. “Stay f–king hard.”

The 24-year-old — who made headlines earlier this year after sharing a video of herself using a flamethrower to torch library books about the LGBTQ+ community — was most recently filmed running through the Soulard District, a predominantly LGBTQ+ neighborhood in St. Louis.

Lupe Fiasco’s “The Show Goes On” plays in the background as the video ends with a photo of Gomez holding a rifle. On the post Sunday, Gomez tagged controversial British influencer Andrew Tate, who is behind bars in Romania on human trafficking charges.

Read the full article. Of note, Lupe Fiasco recently called out fellow rappers for their homophobic lyrics. As you’ll see below, Gomez brandishes assault weapons in most of her videos. Her “weak and gay” video has over two million views as of today.