Megachurch Pastor: Pride Month Has “Cursed” America

Megachurch Pastor Mario Murillo writes:

Why am I waiting until June 1st to make one of the biggest announcements of my life? There is a clue to the answer to that question in this question: ‘Why do Mothers get only one day, but the LGBTQ agenda gets an entire month?’ That tells us everything about the condition of America.

Here’s why: The high and mighty architects of our national disgrace have manipulated it. Not only that, but they also want you to believe that Pride Month is about ending the bullying of transgender people and saving them from suicide. But we all know better.

It is a campaign to groom and sexualize our children. Their extremes leave no doubt about this. But why did they pick June?

The enemy picked June because it is the month of weddings. Their target was always marriage and family. They want to remove the institutions and the morality which has protected civilization for thousands of years. And they get a whole month to celebrate it.

I believe Pride Month has placed a curse on us. That is why I have selected June 1st to unveil the most comprehensive and widespread plan to harvest souls and move toward an awakening. It will take us the full month of June, all 30 days, to fully reveal all that God has shown us, We are going directly to the enemy’s camp to take back what he stole from us.

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Murillo first appeared here in 2021 when he prophesied that God was about to “send down a righteous fire” to smite America’s atheists.

So that never happened.

He also appeared here in February 2024 when he joined Charlie Kirk’s alleged $100 million drive to mobilize Christian voters.