Gateway Pundit Lawyer Warned Them About Credibility

The Guardian reports:

Employees of the far-right website Gateway Pundit were worried contributors were not credible and expressed concerns about plagiarism, a court filing last month revealed. Lawyers for Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss, two Georgia election workers suing the site for defamation, made the disclosure in a 16 April court filing seeking a court order forcing the website to turn over more internal documents.

Jordan Conradson, 22, is a Gateway Pundit writer who rose to prominence covering the widely criticized “audit” of Maricopa county’s 2020 election results and frequently posts stories with false information about elections. He wrote two 2021 stories for Gateway Pundit cited in the lawsuit containing language that falsely accused Freeman and Moss of fraud.

Attorneys for Freeman and Moss also said in their filing that John Burns, a lawyer for Gateway Pundit, had warned the site about relying on Kevin Moncla, a source in Georgia who fed the site information on Freeman and Moss.

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Last month Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft [photo above] announced that the site had filed for bankruptcy protection.

The Guardian adds that in 2006 the above-cited Moncla was ordered to pay $3.25 million “on a voyeurism charge after filming guests at his home while they were in the bathroom.”

Gateway Pundit has been sued multiple times for defamation, including by a former Dominion executive.