Dr. Stabby Calls For Overturning No-Fault Divorce Laws

NBC News reports:

Ben Carson, who is often named as a potential running mate for Donald Trump, is out with a new book in which he calls for an end to no-fault divorce laws in the United States. “For the sake of families, we should enact legislation to remove or radically reduce incidences of no-fault divorce,” Carson writes in “The Perilous Fight,” released Tuesday.

Research has shown that no-fault divorce correlates with reductions in domestic violence and suicide rates among women. A 2015 study found that women are more likely than men to initiate divorces. In a 2016 sermon, now-House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., listed no-fault divorce laws as one of the causes turning the US into a “completely amoral society.”

Read the full article. Mike Lindell, who Ben Carson said in 2020 nearly killed him with his fake COVID cure, has also called for ending no-fault divorce.