Convicted Rioter Derrick Evans Loses US House Primary

The Washington Post reports:

Republican Rep. Carol Miller won her party’s primary in West Virginia’s 1st Congressional District, defeating Derrick Evans, a former state lawmaker who served three months in prison after pleading guilty to a felony for participating in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.

While Evans apologized for his actions on Jan. 6 during his sentencing — telling a judge he was a “good person who unfortunately was caught up in a moment” — he has taken a more bullish approach in the years since, openly embracing his actions that day. His campaign website touts him as a “J6 prisoner running for U.S. Congress.”

Evans remains an election denier and says on his campaign site that he doesn’t “mince words. The 2020 election was stolen.” On the site, he promises to work with MyPillow founder and election denier Mike Lindell “to fight for election integrity.”

Read the full article. Evans was endorsed by Freedom Caucus chair Bob Good, Michael Flynn, and other prominent cultists.