World Leaders Urge Israel Not To Escalate Against Iran

The Hill reports:

“We have condemned, we have intervened, we will do everything to avoid an escalation, an inferno,” French President Emmanuel Macron said to French media BFMTV and RMC. Macron added that France will try to “convince Israel that we must not respond by escalating,” and, instead of attacking Tehran, work to “isolate Iran, increase sanctions and find a path to peace in the region.”

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, meanwhile, told the BBC that the U.K. does not support a retaliatory strike and urged Israel not to attack. “Now is the time to be smart as well as tough, to think with head as well as heart,” Cameron said. And German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Israel should “contribute to de-escalation” following the Iranian attack and placed blame on Iran, saying, “Iran must stop this aggression.”

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