Trump Issues Money Beg After $9000 Contempt Ruling: “They Want To Silence And Bleed Me Dry, Shut Me Up”

Politico reports:

Donald Trump’s campaign immediately sought to capitalize after the judge in his New York criminal trial ruled him in contempt of court — the latest example of how the former president’s campaign has flipped negative legal developments into a financial boost for his reelection bid.

“A Democrat judge JUST HELD ME IN CONTEMPT OF COURT!” read a Tuesday morning email soliciting donations for Trump National Committee, a joint fundraising committee that includes Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee.

The email continued: “I was fined $9,000 for 9 gag order violations. THEY WANT TO SILENCE ME! They think they can BLEED ME DRY and SHUT ME UP, but I’ll NEVER stop fighting for YOU.” The email included a link to donate.

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