Triumph The Comic Dog Taunts Cultists Outside Trial

The Daily Beast reports:

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was spotted engaging with the MAGA faithful outside of Donald Trump’s criminal trial in Downtown Manhattan this week. Triumph starts trying to engaging with “diverse” Trump fans, “a virtual rainbow, representing every kind of mental disorder”—or, “a real who’s who of who’s off their meds”—but can barely get his jokes in over all of the unhinged screaming.

“But seriously, of all these crimes that Trump is accused of, which one are you going to ignore the most when you go to the polls?” Triumph asks one supporter, who replies, “The one where he was the grandfather of the vaccine.” Speaking to another spectator on the street, Triumph jokes that a gag order isn’t going to silence Trump, but if you really want to keep him quiet, “Ask him to clarify his position on abortion.”

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