Parler Platform Promotes Free “Trump 2024 Rally Knife”

Mediaite reports:

Real patriots looking for the best weapon to carry to the next MAGA rally are in luck — Parler, the right-leaning social media platform, featured a sponsored post promoting a free Trump Knife emblazoned with the slogan “Keep America Great”!

Now, many people use knives like the one pictured above for various reasons — opening boxes, cuttings things that aren’t people — but upon reading the copy on the site linked in the email, this item is distinctly described as a “Trump 2024 Rally Knife.”

From the seller’s website:

The Trump Knife is a sleek & stylish spring assisted knife that comes with rapid-deploy mechanism that is enabled with a swift click or flick to reveal a razor sharp 3.5 inch blade forged with 1065 surgical stainless steel.

Apart from being a super functional knife for any situation, the Trump Knife is a symbol of support for President Trump’s promise of putting America first, always!

The perfect combination of style, function & patriotic pride, the Trump Knife is a must have in your collection. The concealed carry with spring assisted rapid deployment feature makes it a must have for use in any situation or emergency.

Clicking on “claim your free knife” takes you a page that promises “President Trump’s 100% money back guarantee.” Apparently, “free” is loosely defined. Trump would likely take issue with his name, image, and signature being used.