New Filing In Hate Group’s Bid To Deport Prince Harry

The Daily Mail reports:

Campaigners trying to force the release of Prince Harry’s U.S. visa records have submitted to a judge what they called ‘extraordinary’ comments by Joe Biden’s ambassador to the U.K. Ambassador Jane Hartley recently said that Harry would never be deported from the U.S. while Biden is president. The Heritage Foundation, a Washington D.C.-based think tank, is currently suing Biden’s Department of Homeland Security for access to the royal’s immigration papers.

In a legal filing of over 100 pages in Washington D.C. the think tank said Ambassador Hartley’s remarks in a March 25 interview on Sky News were “extraordinary’ and provided a transcript to Judge Carl Nichols. In his memoir Spare, which was published after he moved to America in 2020, he admitted having previously used drugs including marijuana, cocaine and psychedelic mushrooms. Lying on a visa application can result in penalties including deportation.

Read the full article. Trump is still furious that Meghan Markle, whom he has has called “nasty,” dared to criticize him in 2019.