McConnell Says He’ll Serve Out Full Term Through 2026

The Hill reports:

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) says he has no plans to retire from the Senate before the end of his term in January 2027, dispelling speculation that he may leave Congress early after announcing his retirement as party leader.

McConnell says he plans to go in a “different direction” after serving as party leader for 18 years, the longest tenure in Senate history.

“I’m not leaving the Senate and I’m particularly involved in actually fighting back against the isolationist movement in my own party and some in the other as well, and the symbol of that lately is, ‘Are we going to help Ukraine or not?’ And I think it’s extremely important that we do that,” he told Louisville, Ky., radio host Terry Meiners in an interview.

Read the full article. So far around a half dozen GOP Senators have said they may vie to succeed McConnell as Senate leader. Trump and MAGA World have been screaming for his ouster for years.