Louisiana House Republicans Pass “Don’t Say Free” Bill

The Louisiana Illuminator reports:

The Louisiana House voted 55-46 this week to ban the use of the word “free” when referring to government benefits, products or services, though similar descriptions such as “provided at no cost” or “complimentary” would still be permissible.

“It’s a bill that I’ve nicknamed my ‘Don’t Say Free’ bill,” said Rep. Beryl Amedée, R-Schriever, sponsor of the legislation. “If we’re going to move forward in society and have people not be dependent on the government for everything, then we need to begin to change the vocabulary.”

“The use of the word free is rather insulting to all taxpayers because it’s not free,” she said. “It’s been paid for by all of us.” Amedée held up marketing campaigns for free food from food banks, free blood pressure screenings at health clinics and free counseling for alcohol dependency as examples.

Read the full article. As you can see below, Rep. Amedee is also an anti-vaxxer and book banner.