Log Cabin Ambassador Deletes Account After Going Viral With Video Of Her Baby “Proudly” Saying N-Word

The Daily Dot reports:

Isabella Moody and Josiah Moody, far-right YouTubers and content creators, posted a video of their child babbling on X, claiming she was saying the N-word. The two received such fervent backlash they appear to have deleted their accounts on the app.

“My daughter literally said the n-word,” Moody captioned a video she posted on X on April 16. “I’m so proud of her!” From Josiah Moody’s account, the video was viewed over 30,000 times. When Moody posted it on hers, it got over 10 million views.

In response to the backlash she received for the video, Moody declared that her tweet had “triggered” liberals, and that she probably didn’t make more than a couple bucks from it. “You’re just mad that I’m not a miserable parent like your mother & father (if you had one),” Moody tweeted. She also tweeted racist memes in the aftermath of the viral video.

Read the full article. Isabella Moody, a self-proclaimed “follower of Christ” who was heralded last year by the Log Cabin Republicans as one of their latest “ambassadors,” has appeared here multiple times for her attacks on the LGBT community, such as posting that “faggotry makes me vomit” and celebrating Uganda’s “based” death penalty for homosexuality. She has also posted praise for prominent neo-Nazis, saying “Heil Hitler” on a podcast. Oh, and last year she posted an Instagram meme accusing Michelle Obama of being a man. It’s all what Jesus would want.