Jenner Spreads Debunked Lie About WH Easter Event

“My number one problem with this whole thing is this proclamation. President Biden never should have done it. To be honest with you, if he just said nothing, it would’ve been fine. But I firmly believe that the left, they constantly look at the media and how they can manipulate things, and it’s a shame.

“I mean, here Joe Biden is supposed to be a devout Christian, a devout Catholic, and to be honest with you, what he did is really flip the middle finger at all people of religion. This is really about, again, the Democrats, the left destroying the family structure, destroying religion.

“I mean, look what they– you know, took the religious symbols off the Easter eggs in the White House Easter egg hunt. It’s just all about trying to destroy religion, and what do they want? They want the religion to be government.” – Caitlyn Jenner, last night on Fox News.

As has been widely reported, the same rules against religious imagery at the White House event have been in place for 45 years, including, obviously, during the Trump administration.