Israel Reports Minor Damage From Iranian Attack

The New York Times reports:

Israel’s war cabinet was set to meet on Sunday afternoon, officials said, hours after Iran fired hundreds of exploding drones and missiles in what was believed to be its first direct attack on Israel after years of a shadow war.

Nearly all of the volleys were intercepted, and those that made impact caused only minor damage, Israeli military officials said. The United States said it had shot down dozens of the drones and missiles, a significant show of support for its ally despite widening divisions over Israel’s conduct of the war in Gaza.

Iran’s attack, a retaliation for airstrikes on an Iranian Embassy building in Syria on April 1, was not unexpected. The question now is how Israel will respond. Two Israeli officials said some war cabinet members had urged a retaliatory strike, but that was called off after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel spoke by phone with President Biden on Saturday, and because the strikes caused relatively minor damage.

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