Happy Eclipse Rapture Day To Those Who Celebrate

The Toronto Star reports:

One sign — and if you find the right corner of the internet, there are many, many signs — is that Monday’s total eclipse passes over a city with a portentous name: Rapture, Indiana. It’s also “shocking,” according to a TikTokker with 2.4 million followers, that the eclipse crosses eight towns named “Nineveh,” the city of sin and vice in the Bible that the prophet Jonah was sent to warn of God’s wrath.

Houston’s Fox affiliate reports:

Hernan Castano is a Pastor of Rios de Aceite with his wife and serves on the Houston Area Pastor Council. He has been sharing information with his congregation about the path of solar eclipses. Many cities in the path of totality for the eclipse this month are mentioned in the Bible, like Jonah, Ninevah, and terms like rapture. “It’s very interesting. It’s very deep, and I do believe by the scriptures and by what has happened in the past, that this is definitely a sign for America, from God Himself,” says Pastor Castano.

Christianity Today reports:

As the April 8 event will take place primarily over North America, some in the US are anticipating a great Day of Judgment complete with terrorist attacks, biological warfare, and nuclear meltdowns. According to alt-right conspiracy theorists, including some fringe evangelical leaders, this war will usher in a new world order in which Christ will return and America (alongside Israel) will rule the nations.