Fox Host Rakes Jordan For Fruitless GOP Investigations

Maria Bartiromo: “Look, with all due respect, people are sick and tired of congressional investigations that go nowhere. People are sick and tired of letters being written and sent to the people who we know are bad in the first place. They want you to do something about it. You’re an elected official. What can you do to right these wrongs?”

Jim Jordan: “Well, we’ve passed legislation out of the committee that would help remedy this situation — particularly the one in New York. The president or vice president can move a case to federal court when these state prosecutors are going after someone for a political reason. We’re a legislative branch, we can’t put anyone in jail. And I don’t think the Biden administration, their DOJ, is going to go after the people who we need to go after. Our job is to get the facts out there and to look at legislation. We can’t prosecute anyone, only the DOJ can. And frankly, the Biden DOJ is just not going to do it.”