Ex-Rittenhouse Spox Turns On Him In Blistering Post

Crooks & Liars reports:

David Hancock was the spokesman for Killer Kyle Rittenhouse and his family during Killer Kyle’s criminal proceedings three years ago. At the time, Hancock was laying it on as thickly as anyone, trying to portray Killer Kyle as a poor innocent waif of a boy just trying to do the right thing and who just wanted to go back to his old life and go on to Arizona State University and study to be a nurse to help people. But that was then and this is now. And Hancock is, quite frankly, sick and tired of Killer Kyle’s bullshit and he’s calling him out on it.

From Hancock’s post on X:

Is anyone surprised that Kyle’s far-right political handlers ensured this particular detail didn’t make it into his book? (See photo)

Regarding his online high school diploma, we had to force him to complete the four years of credits in just ten months, which he did using the “Google machine.”

We invested significant effort to craft the image you witnessed during the trial. We outfitted him in new suits, arranged for his haircut every weekend during the trial, and dedicated over 200 hours to prepare him for direct and cross-examination. We employed the world’s leading jury consultant and conducted extensive research through three mock trials to identify the ideal jurors and the most effective approach for his testimony.

Transforming a middle school dropout who was “angry at the world” with a history of violence and an unhealthy obsession with guns and killing into a respectable young man with a desire for higher education and a promising future was no easy feat.

It was a meticulously crafted facade, which we sincerely hoped he would grow into. Instead, he squandered a full scholarship to study any subject at any university in the country to become a divisive douchebag and antagonize black Americans on college campuses. Kyle failed to learn a single thing. He remains the same uneducated, arrogant, and antagonistic individual, incapable of telling the truth.

Now, he genuinely believes he is the show pony we created and has surrounded himself with sycophants who fuel his inflated ego because they prioritize their political agenda and Christian Nationalist worldview over his well-being.

Despite my efforts to guide him toward a better path in life, the allure of notoriety triumphed over the prospect of putting in the hard work of pursuing an education. Kyle is ill-equipped to offer advice to young people. I regret my role in shaping him into whatever he has become. If I had known what I know now about Kyle’s history, I wouldn’t have been involved.