Dem Kansas Gov Vetoes Anti-Transgender Youth Bill

The Kansas City Star reports:

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly on Friday vetoed a bill that would ban transgender minors from receiving gender transition surgeries and hormone therapy, setting up another veto override fight over efforts to regulate the lives of trans residents.

The bill, she said, dictates to parents how to best raise and care for their children, adding that is not a “conservative value, and it’s certainly not a Kansas value.” “To be clear, this legislation tramples parental rights,” Kelly said in a statement.

The measure passed in the Senate 27-13 with a veto-proof majority. The House vote was still two votes short of a veto-proof margin. But if two House Republicans who were absent from the initial floor vote now vote to override, the House would gain the two-thirds majority necessary.

Read the full article. Republicans failed to override her veto of a similar bill last year.