Cuomo Rages About NYC’s Unlicensed Weed Shops

Former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo writes for the Daily News:

“They can’t even figure out how to fix a pothole!” That was my grandfather’s rant when as a kid I would be riding in his car and he hit a pothole. It was a metaphor for a general frustration with government’s incompetence: the inability to perform simple, obvious tasks.

New Yorkers are a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them. If my grandfather were alive today I think the “pothole” that would cause him the most disgust is the number of illegal pot shops — an estimated 2,000 and counting — all throughout the state. These cannabis shops are the symbolic and tangible manifestation of governmental incompetence.

The smell of marijuana fills the New York City air as if everyone was wearing the same cologne or perfume… eau de ganga…and too much of it at that! Children who are exposed to so many threats in our society are now confronted by the easy access to rampant drugs sold illegally, compounded by the life threatening possibility of fentanyl laced marijuana. Close the illegal pot shops, now.

Read the full op-ed. The column appears to be part of Cuomo’s plan to reenter politics. As previously reported here, thousands of NYC shops are openly selling weed in various forms without the required special license and presumably without paying the weed tax.