Charlie Kirk: Now Jews Know What It’s Like To Be White

“This is a wake up call for many Jews. And I have sympathy for American Jews that are very confused. However, I have impatience for American Jews that have put up with the anti-white sentiments the last decade and thought it was perfectly fine.

“Because guess what, American Jews? You’re considered white in the eyes of the Marxists. ‘What? I thought white meant, like, MAGA Christian people in Oklahoma.’ No. White means you too. Welcome to the most hated class in America today.

“And Jews are like, wait, ‘I never thought I was white. I don’t identify as white. We’re Jewish.’ You don’t get to determine the rules. Many American Jews are shocked that the organizations and the charities that they have been subsidizing want them dead.

“So now Jews are experiencing the hate that we white people have been experiencing the last decade, and we’ve been warning against. Hey, you know that there’s, like, a lot of venom against white people because of the color of their skin? Ah, too bad. Floydapalooza, BLM, diversity is our strength.” – Self-avowed Christian nationalist Charlie Kirk.