Arizona Gov Vetoes Bills Allowing Ten Commandments In Public School Classrooms, Anti-Trans Discrimination

The Arizona Mirror reports:

A slew of Republican bills, including those that would have allowed discrimination against transgender people and would have given public school teachers a green light to post the Ten Commandments in their classrooms, were vetoed by Gov. Katie Hobbs. Hobbs, who has made it clear that she’ll use her veto power on any bills that don’t have bipartisan support — and especially ones that discriminate against the LGBTQ community — vetoed 13 bills, bringing her count for this year to 42.

In a statement, the Ten Commandments bill’s sponsor, Sen. Anthony Kern, R-Glendale, accused Hobbs of “abandoning God” with her veto. “As society increasingly strays away from God and the moral principles our nation was founded upon, Katie Hobbs is contributing to the cultural degradation within Arizona by vetoing legislation today that would have allowed public schools to include the Ten Commandments in classrooms,” Kern said in the statement.

Read the full article. Kern last appeared here when he led a group on the Senate floor as they babbled in tongues against abortion.

Below is my previous recap of Kern’s history. 

Kern, who is under investigation by the feds as a fake elector, appeared here in January 2024 for his bill that would let the Arizona legislature overturn the result of a presidential election.

Kern appeared here in March 2023 for his bill that would shield lawyers for filing false election lawsuits.

Kern also appeared on JMG that month when he introduced a bill that would effectively criminalize drag shows.

Before that, we heard from him in August 2022 when he and US Rep. Paul Gosar were ordered to pay a Democratic state lawmaker $75,000 for filing a “lawsuit for the purpose of harassment.”

In 2014, Kern was fired from a local police department for lying to superiors. In 2020, Kern joined then-US Rep. Louie Gohmert in a lawsuit seeking to overturn the Electoral Count Act.

Also in 2020, Kern was among the 11 local Republicans who falsely claimed to be Arizona electors. In January 2021, Kern tweeted a video showing himself as present during the attack on the US Capitol.

In April 2021, reporters spotted him counting ballots inside the Maricopa County election center, despite rules saying that the counters must be nonpartisan.