Anti-Abortion Activist Loses Pennsylvania House Primary

Philly Burbs reports:

Less than an hour after the polls closed in Pennsylvania and the Associate Press called the Republican primary race in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District for incumbent Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick faced off against anti-abortion activist Mark Houck, a first-time political challenger from East Greenville Borough, Montgomery County, on Tuesday in a race that has been viewed as a test for how important abortion could be the November election.

Houck ran on a limited-government platform aimed at “restoring faith, family and freedom” if elected, using his 2022 arrest and later acquittal of charges related to an incident outside a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood as an example of the government persecuting conservative values.

Read the full article. In November 2023, Houck filed a $4.5 million lawsuit against the DOJ, claiming that the trauma of his arrest over an assault during an abortion clinic blockade had caused his wife’s infertility. The couple already has seven children.

His case became a cause célèbre for hate groups, GOP senators, and Franklin Graham.

During his trial, he was represented by the Catholic anti-LGBTQ hate group, the Thomas More Society. In May 2023, House Republicans had him testify at a hearing about the supposed weaponization of the FBI against Christians.

Houck first appeared on JMG in 2012 when he claimed that “an increase in porn leads to an increase in sexual activity outside of marriage, which leads to an increase in ‘unwanted’ pregnancies, which leads to an increase in abortion.”

His money beg on the Christian crowdfunding site favored by white supremacists and Capitol rioters had raised $412,000 as of our most recent report on him.

Houck announced his House bid at Church Militant, the far-right and now-defunct Catholic site founded by allegedly ex-gay homocon Michael “Comically Bewigged” Voris and he was interviewed that day by Steven Bannon.