Woman: Starbucks Fired Me For Being Anti-LGBTQ

The Christian Post reports:

A former Starbucks employee claims she was fired after objecting to a pride month display she felt was not family-friendly and refusing to abide by a policy requiring her to use a trans-identifying individual’s “preferred pronouns” due to her Christian beliefs. Taylor Trice opened up in a viral TikTok video Monday about how she was fired from a Starbucks for refusing to go along with LGBT promotions that she felt didn’t “go along with God’s word.”

Trice said she started working for Starbucks because the company offered tuition assistance for Arizona State University’s online program. In 2022, she was fired from Starbucks in Apex, North Carolina, after working for the company for two years. “Prior to working at Starbucks, I knew nothing about it except that it was considered a bougie coffee shop,” Trice said. “So I didn’t know that it was a very liberal company.”

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Trice took her complaint to Fox News earlier this week, probably to drum up offers to sue on her behalf.

She claims that Satan is “confusing” LGBTQ people and that she’s not trying to bash her LGBTQ former coworkers, saying, “all I want to see is for them to be in heaven.”

She also says that managers told her that customers had complained about her anti-LGBTQ attitude at work. The homocon site Gateway Pundit is also promoting her claims.